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15GB with Calls

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Valid for 15 days



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Valid for 10 days



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Valid for 5-30 days
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Multi-Country Plans cover multiple destinations

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from $5.99

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Our Local Network provides coverage 99% of time in the UK

ESIMUK.NET offers reliable service on EE’s network. You’ll enjoy 4G LTE speed data almost everywhere you travel in the UK.


4G LTE data
Enjoy the remarkable speed of the reliable 4G LTE network, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted connection.
Quick delivery
& Activation
Save valuable time by obtaining an eSIM in just 15 minutes, and activating it within a couple of minutes to experience a smooth and reliable data service.
hotspot data
Experience the freedom of unlimited hotspot usage. Share your data with your loved ones without any limitations.
Keep your original
phone number
Do not worry about staying connected to your home. You can keep your original mobile phone number while enjoying seamless data connectivity through our eSIM Solution.
100% prepaid
& No-contract plan
Skip a complicated contract with our one-time prepaid eSIM – no surprises, no auto-renewals, and no extra fees.
Near-local rate
& Transparent pricing
Say goodbye to costly roaming fees and hello to affordable and transparent pricing. eSIM UK is the smartest choice you could make.

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Start your journey with confidence. Our dedicated customer support team is here to assist you, no matter where you are in the world. Simply contact us via email.

Receive help in as little as 5 minutes.
Receive real human support, not automated response.
Receive practical, real solutions from experienced experts.

Customers love eSIM UK

Christopher Martin


eSIM UK Unlimited Plans
“Setting up the eSIM was remarkably easy. Simply follow the instructions in the installation guide provided by eSIM UK. With less than 5 minutes of configuration, I enjoyed fast and reliable internet connectivity that pleasantly exceeded my expectations. If you’re looking for an affordable, yet high-quality eSIM, you’ve come to the right place.”
Julie Moore


eSIM UK Fixed Plans
“Let me emphasize the importance of having 24/7 real human support, especially for someone like me, a first-time eSIM user. Without the help of Customer Support, I wouldn’t have been able to fully enjoy my trip with seamless high-speed internet coverage throughout the United Kingdom. I wholeheartedly recommend eSIM UK, as it worked flawlessly with my Galaxy 23 Ultra.”
Hana Suzuki


eSIM Europe Unlimited Plans
“eSIM UK offers the ideal plan that covers my destination, England, France, and Germany. From choosing the ideal plan to securely processing PayPal transactions in USD, the entire experience was seamless. The Unlimited plan made me feel secure, ensuring I’d have a connection no matter where I go. In my view, this is the hassle-free and secure way to acquire the right data plan.”

ESIMUK.NET helps you to select the eSIM UK data plan & offers you a QR code instantly via email. Get a connection from the fastest local network, EE and Three.

Be prepared for your memorable time in the United Kingdom with ESIMUK.NET. We assure you of a smooth connection, whether you’re strolling around Buckingham Palace, standing atop Edinburgh Castle, or admiring the view from the London Eye. Capture and share these moments on your favorite social media platforms to make your journey even more memorable.

Have nothing but peace in your mind with our round-the-clock customer support, ready to assist you throughout your entire journey. We guarantee your trip will be exceptional with our reliable and fast eSIM. Order the best UK eSIM plans & Enjoy the easiest roaming data with eSIM cards at a reasonable price!

Is this your first experience with eSIM?

Count on us for your stress-free eSIM experience.


What is eSIM?

eSIM, an abbreviation for embedded SIM, offers a convenient solution for travelers in search of mobile data access abroad, all without the need to change their physical SIM cards. Our user-friendly eSIM data plans are delivered promptly to your email within 5 to 15 minutes of payment. Say farewell to the inconvenience of lining up for a physical SIM card while traveling. With eSIM, you can retain your original physical SIM for receiving SMS and calls from your home country. Unlock the benefits of eSIM with a quick QR code scan and commence your extraordinary journey with our exceptional eSIM data plans.


Is my device compatible?

Please verify the compatibility of your device with our advanced eSIM technology to ensure a seamless connectivity solution. While most GSM-compatible devices can work with our eSIM, compatibility may vary depending on your location and carrier. In the case of iOS devices, models released after the iPhone XR generally support our eSIM. However, devices manufactured in Hong Kong or China may not offer eSIM functionality. On the Android side, the latest Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phone models typically offer compatibility with our eSIM, though it may depend on the specific model, manufacturing location, and carrier. To ensure compatibility, please consult our comprehensive list of supported devices.

Compatible Device

iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, 15 Pro Max,
iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max,
iPhone SE3 (2022),
iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 13 Mini,
iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 Mini,
iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max,
iPhone SE2 (2020),
iPhone XR, iPhone XS, XS Max
(Recommended iOS version: iOS 13.3 or later)

Incompatible Device

iPhone purchased from mainland China
iPhone purchased from Hong Kong and Macao (except for iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone SE 2020, and iPhone XS)

Compatible Device

Galaxy S24 5G, S24 Ultra 5G, S24+ 5G,
Galaxy S23 5G, S23 Ultra 5G, S23+ 5G,
Galaxy S22 5G, S22 Ultra 5G, S22+ 5G,
Galaxy S21 5G, S21 Ultra 5G, S21+ 5G,
Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra 5G,
Galaxy Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, Note 20 Ultra 5G,
Galaxy Note 20+, Note 20 FE, Note 20 FE 5G,
Galaxy Fold, Z Fold 2, Z Fold 3, Z Fold 4, Z Fold 5
Galaxy Z Flip, Z Flip 3 5G, Z Flip 4, Z Flip 5

Incompatible Device

All Samsung S20 FE/S21 FE models
S20/S21 and Galaxy Z Flip 5G from the USA
Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 2 from the USA and Hong Kong

Compatible Device

Pixel 8, 8Pro,
Pixel 7, 7Pro,
Pixel 6, 6a, 6Pro,
Pixel 5, 5a,
Pixel 4, 4a, 4XL,
Pixel 3, 3XL,
Pixel 3a, 3aXL

Incompatible Device

Pixel 3 models manufactured in Australia, Taiwan, and Japan
Pixel 3 models bought from US or Canadian carriers other than Sprint and Google Fi
Pixel 3a models bought in Southeast Asia and with Verizon service


Why choose eSIM over other options?

Save time,
add convenience
Eco-friendly and
Make a smart consumer choice by opting for a cost-effective alternative instead of international roaming plans.No more waiting in line for physical SIM cards or pocket Wi-Fi. Your eSIM will be swiftly delivered to your email inbox.Contribute to environmental protection by selecting a plastic-free eSIM, actively reducing waste and CO2 emissions.
Budget-friendly option
Make a smart consumer choice by opting for a cost-effective alternative instead of international roaming plans.
Save time, add convenience
No more waiting in line for physical SIM cards or pocket Wi-Fi. Your eSIM will be swiftly delivered to your email inbox.
Eco-friendly and Earth-friendly!
Contribute to environmental protection by selecting a plastic-free eSIM, actively reducing waste and CO2 emissions.

How it works

Get eSIM at your fingertips, Get ready for your trip!
Step 1

Pick a plan

Choose the plan that suits your travel needs and place an order.

Step 2

Scan the QR code

Receive the QR code via email and instantly scan it to activate.

Step 3

Ready to go!

Have a light and enjoyable trip without any data concerns.

If you still wonder?

Yes, eSIM is available as long as you have a compatible and unlocked device.
To confirm the list of supported device models, please visit our website, accessible here.
To check if your device is locked or unlocked, please follow the brand-specific instructions for your phone:

For Apple Devices

01. Go to [Settings] – [General] – [About] and scroll down.
02. If you see “Network Provider Lock – No SIM restrictions” and “Digital SIM – IMEI (number will appear),” your phone is compatible with eSIM.
03. If “SIM restrictions” are displayed, your phone does not support eSIM.

For Samsung & Google Devices

01. Go to [Settings] – [Connections] – [Mobile networks].
02. Select [Networks operators]
03. If you see multiple available networks, your phone is likely unlocked and eSIM-compatible.
04. If only one result is displayed, or the option to search for networks is unavailable, your phone might be carrier-locked. In this case, you’ll need to contact your domestic carrier to unlock your phone before using an eSIM.

eSIM UK provides cost-effective, high-speed eSIM data plans covering various regions in Britain. Our plans encompass global coverage as well as city-specific options, with varying durations of validity.

Purchasing the perfect eSIM is a breeze with just three simple steps:

First, choose the data plan that suits your travel needs.
Second, complete a secure payment using the trusted PayPal gateway.
Finally, receive your QR code via email within just 15 minutes.

Although you can purchase and activate your eSIM at any time, we highly recommend doing so before your trip for the following reasons:

| Stable Wi-Fi Connection:
Successful eSIM activation relies on a stable internet connection. Activating it in advance spares you the hassle of hunting for Wi-Fi, ensuring a seamless experience.

| Validity Period:
eSIM plans begin their duration when the eSIM connects to the local network. You can scan the QR code and install the eSIM ahead of time. Please note that 24 hours constitute one day, and the counting begins continuously from the moment of service activation.

Unfortunately, eSIM UK exclusively offers data-only plans, which means local phone numbers are not part of these plans. Consequently, these eSIM plans do not support the ability to make voice calls or send SMS. If you require voice calls and SMS capabilities, we suggest using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services like Skype or other messaging applications that rely on data connectivity to enable calls and messaging.

When it comes to selecting the ideal eSIM package for your journey in the United Kingdom, it’s essential to consider factors like data needs, coverage, and the duration of your stay. Here are several options to consider:

| eSIM UK Unlimited Plans: These plans offer unlimited data, with reduced speeds (384 kbps) after you’ve used up your high-speed 4G LTE data. Validities range from 5 to 30 days.

| eSIM UK Fixed Plans: These plans ensure consistent 4G LTE connectivity with data allowances ranging from 3GB to 30GB. You can choose validities of 10, 15, or 30 days.

| eSIM Europe Unlimited: Ideal for travelers exploring beyond England, providing coverage in 42 European countries.

Prior to making your selection, we strongly recommend thoroughly reviewing the details and terms of each eSIM plan. If you require personalized assistance in choosing the perfect plan, don’t hesitate to reach out to the eSIM World team at [email protected]

After making your payment, our eSIM QR code is automatically sent to the provided email address within 15 minutes. If you haven’t received it within this timeframe, please follow these steps:

1. Check Spam or Promotion Folder
check your spam or promotion folder, as your email might have been filtered there.

2. Contact Us for Assistance
If there’s a typo in your email address, kindly reach out to us at [email protected] for a prompt resend.

3. Payment Processing Delay
If you used iDEAL or another non-PayPal payment method, there may be delays during the transfer to PayPal. In such cases, please contact the respective payment gateway for assistance.

4. PayPal Security Measures
Periodically, PayPal may subject your payment to security checks, which could take up to 72 hours. This is part of PayPal’s security protocol. For guidance, please contact PayPal’s customer service.

Please bear in mind that even for credit or debit card payments, processing is routed through PayPal, potentially undergoing PayPal’s security checks and pending status. For further assistance, we recommend reaching out to PayPal’s customer service.

Certainly, you can maintain your WhatsApp number, along with all your chats and contacts, when using an eSIM.

You can easily estimate your data usage by accessing your device’s Settings. For precise data consumption details, please contact us at [email protected].

The procedure differs based on your device’s manufacturer:

Apple Devices

01. Open [Settings]02. Go to [Cellular/Mobile Data]03. Find your data usage under “Current Period Roaming.”
04. Alternatively, you can find more detailed instructions on the Apple website here.
You can also dial 1019# to check your data usage via a call.

Samsung Devices

01. Go to [Settings] – [Connections]02. Choose [Data usage]03. Your mobile data consumption will be displayed.
04. You can also dial 1019# and make a call to check your data usage.

Google Devices

01. Open[Settings] – [Network & Internet] – [Internet]02. Tap [Settings] next to your operator
03. At the top, you’ll see the total data you have used.

To verify the activation of your eSIM, check for the following two indications:

| eSIM Profiles
Access your device’s eSIM settings, and you’ll find a list of available profiles or plans. When your eSIM is successfully activated, you’ll see an active profile without a phone number listed among the options.

| Signal and Connectivity
Once your eSIM is activated and connected to a cellular network, you should notice signal bars or connectivity indicators in your device’s status bar. Additionally, you might see the carrier name associated with the eSIM, confirming both its activation and network connection.

It’s crucial to enable data roaming for the secondary line, which is the eSIM plan you’ve added. To activate data roaming, follow these steps:

For Apple Devices

01. Go to [Settings] – [Cellular]
02. Select the [Secondary]  (the eSIM plan you’ve added)
03. Make sure to toggle [Data Roaming] to the ON position.

Additionally, to avoid incurring extra charges, it’s vital to disable the automatic switching of lines. Here’s how you can complete this on Apple Devices:

For Apple Devices

01. Go to [Settings] – [Cellular]
02. Tap [Cellular Data]
03. Confirm that [Allow Cellular Data Switching] is turned OFF

We also advise reaching out to your domestic carrier to inquire about “Blocked charged international roaming” services. This ensures you have the most appropriate data options when using the eSIM plan.

We highly recommend deactivating your original SIM to prevent data roaming charges from your domestic carrier while using the eSIM. Disabling your original SIM ensures that your device exclusively relies on the eSIM for data connectivity during your travels. However, if you still require the ability to receive calls and SMS on your home number while using the eSIM, you can keep your original SIM active. In this case, we suggest disabling the “Automatic Cellular Data Switching” feature on your device. This precaution prevents unintended data usage, guaranteeing that data traffic is directed through the eSIM plan rather than the original SIM.
When you’ve consumed all the data or the validity period has concluded, internet access will cease. If you wish to extend the validity or obtain additional data, you can easily top up. You’ll discover the “Make a Top-up” button in the email containing the QR code.

To remove your eSIM from the phone, please follow the below.

For Apple

01. Go to [Settings] – [Cellular/Mobile Data] – tap on the eSIM plan you would like to remove from the list
02. Tap [Remove Cellular Plan] (The name of the button can be something similar depending on the device)

For Samsung

01. Go to [Settings] – [Connections] – [SIM card manager]
02. Select a plan on eSIM that you want to remove
03. Toggle the switch to disable the eSIM
04. Tap Remove

For Google

01. Go to [Settings]
02. Tap [Network & internet] – [Mobile network]
03. Select the eSIM you want to delete
04. Tap Delete SIM

Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds for eSIMs that have been activated and used for data. Once activation and data usage have occurred, it aligns with our policy, which does not allow for refunds in such cases. We strongly advise customers to thoroughly review their plan details before proceeding to avoid any potential inconvenience.
If you require assistance or have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]. Our committed customer support team is at your service 24/7. Feel free to reach out, and we’ll be delighted to assist with any concerns or inquiries regarding your eSIM plan or usage.